Memories are hazy…

Following the split of his previous Surrey based indie band In The Wild in the summer of 1987, singer/songwriter David J. Griffiths set to work recording a set of new songs for his (as yet unnamed) music project on his trusty four track cassette portastudio. In late 1989 after relocating to a town in West Sussex, England, the recruitment process began in the local rock and alternative pub ‘The Rocket’… Here David hooked up with guitarists Jon Legg and James Smith, with well known local punk rock drummer Tony Collins joining the fold shortly afterwards. More bedroom based recording of demos followed, and with the addition of second singer Amanda, the name Final Hour was settled on and gigs were duly booked.

A strong local following swiftly built up throughout their local gigging in 1990 (during which time the band lost Amanda as second vocalist) and it was around this time that the ‘Distance’ e.p. was recorded at Anzak Recording Studio in Brighton. Further gigging followed, culminating in a co-headlining gig with Crawley bands Spitfire and Ever.

The summer of ’92 marked the end of the then-current gigging lineup and the members went their separate ways. This left David alone again, recording demos under the Final Hour name. Following a relocation to Surrey, England, David joined Kingston-based rock band Weegee as bassist and backing vocalist with local musicians Sharon Mckinley and Dylan Parsons. It was around this time that he was reunited with former In The Wild drummer Simon Wilson, who had been lending his considerable drumming skills to local bands Profanity and Instincts Of Nature. Simon replaced existing Weegee drummer Matt Manderson.

After developing his interests in digital music, David put Final Hour on hiatus and spend the late 90s and early 2000s recording and producing various electronica and ‘mashup’ remixes under the name Bitter Sound Foundation, with a number of the tracks getting national airplay on London based radio station XFM.

Following the collapse of the band Weegee there was a period of rest until David began writing and recording in 2007 under the name Slow Sonic. Demos were recorded but a touring lineup never materialised. A few years later, interest in Final Hour picked up again when David was approached by Record Collector magazine to feature the old 1990 demo song ‘Serene’ on a vinyl compilation album of unsigned “indie classics”. An invitation to perform live at the album launch party prompted a reunion of the band (minus old drummer Tony and guitarist James). This left David and Jon without a second guitarist and drummer until old In The Wild and Weegee drummer Simon came back into the fold old friend, and experienced live guitarist Donal Kelleher stepped into the fray and completed the live lineup.

2016 saw Final Hour playing a some festival dates and also at a launch party for the Record Collector ‘Small Town Scenery’ LP that the band were actually featured on.

2017 is set to be a busy year with a new EP scheduled for release in June and a support slot with ChameleonsVox, the current touring line-up of the seminal 80s indie legends The Chameleons.